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Best French mineral water, 109 top quality mineral water springs


With its 109 springs, the Auvergne is not only the richest area in France for mineral water but also in Europe.

In addition to outstanding household names such as Volvic (which is even well known in Japan) or the famous Saint-Yorre and Vichy Célestins mineral waters, take the time to discover some of the lesser-known varieties. Examples of sparkling waters include Rozana, Sainte-Marguerite, Châteauneuf, Saint-Diéry, Saint-Géron, the delicious Chateldon served in the top restaurants, or the Arvie. For still waters, we have the Mont-Dore and Laqueuille, etc. Whatever your favourite, you'll find it here. Simply take the time to sample them all.


The volcanic history of the Auvergne means quality mineral water

Auvergne produces the best French Mineral water. Some of the Auvergne's thermal waters naturally contain carbon dioxide, a phenomenon related to the region’s recent volcanic past. Others include mineral salts of great benefit to the human body. The huge variety of our mineral waters here in the Auvergne is due to the high quality of our environment and the exceptional characteristics our volcanic rock. In particular, the scoria which does a marvellous job of filtering surface water. As the rainwater passes through the "pozzolanas", the undesirable contents are removed while the water is partly demineralised and acquires numerous rare elements which it picks up along its way. Running beneath the lava, extremely pure mineral waters can be tapped as they emerge. The best example is the Volvic water known all over the world as the leading French mineral water brand.

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