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dans les cuisines des chefs auvergnats

The Auvergne: the home of star-winning chefs

Are you planning to visit France and the Auvergne? What a treat for food lovers! Here, you are visiting a region unrivalled for its cooking and famous for its Michelin guide including its ranking of the world's finest restaurants.

Always friendly and welcoming, our restaurants have scooped numerous awards. With Auvergne food, choosing the right restaurant comes down to a question of taste and often to labels. When you visit a restaurant covered by the "Tables Régionales", "Fermes-auberges" or "Auberges de Pays d’Auvergne" labels, you can be sure of authentic, traditional cuisine comprised of time-old recipes and produced using excellent regional products.

There are also other Auvergne food establishments offering a more contemporary approach to auvergnate cuisine where imaginative new combinations which are the fruit of experience, creativity and youth can be enjoyed. In these establishments, the chefs are referred to as "Toques d’Auvergne" (the toque is the French word for a chef’s hat).

Serge Vieira
Serge Vieira

Here's a list of the Michelin starred chefs of our region:

In the Allier:
Jacques Decoret * (Vichy)


In the Cantal:
Serge Vieira
** (Chaudes Aigues)
Louis-Bernard Puech * (Calvinet)


In the Haute-Loire:
Régis et Jacques Marcon
*** (St Bonnet le Froid)

Philippe Brun * (Alleyras)


In the Puy-de-Dôme:

Régis Marcon
Régis Marcon

Wilfrid Chaplain * (Chamalières)
Jean-Claude Leclerc
* (Clermont Ferrand)

Arkadiusz Zuchmanski * (Clermont-Ferrand)

Patrice Eschalier * (Clermont-Ferrand)

Xavier Beaudiment * (Durtol)

Cyrille Zen * (Saint-Jean-en-Val)

Olivier Saïd * (Maringues)

Mathieu Barbet * (Bort l'Etang)


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