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The Spa Towns Trail: discover all the charm of the spa resorts

Health, well-being and relaxation in the Auvergne's spa towns are provided by the spa centres but also by the chance to discover some unique, luxurious 19th century atmospheres, so typical of that inimitable French art de vivre. The Auvergne Spa Towns Trail includes 17 towns, whose charm will leave you with fond memories of your visit.

Casinos, parks, music stands, railway stations and hotels are all visual features of these towns, reflecting the sheer pomp and splendour of yesteryear. Visiting these sites will make your stay more pleasant, providing a welcome interlude between the baths, massages and other treatments available at the spa centre.
The towns of Royat-Chamalières, Mont-Dore, Bourboule, Châtel Guyon, Néris-les-Bains and of course Vichy are among the richest when it comes to spa heritage sites and attractions. They have successfully preserved all the traces of their golden age, from 1850 to the Belle Epoque, with a mixture of styles which were popular back then including Ancient, Neoclassical, Renaissance… and of course Art Nouveau influences.


The Auvergne Spa Towns Trail invites you to take a journey back in time, as you listen to your own body and your own needs.


For further information concerning the characteristics and features of each town and to help you prepare your stay, please visit the website for the Spa Towns’ Trail.

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