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Vulcania - "Objective Earth"

The exciting story of Mother Earth!
A thrilling adventure awaits you as a family! At Vulcania, an educational theme park offering a chance to discover the Auvergne's volcanoes, you'll be taking a journey into a surprising, fun and interactive environment. Spend an exciting day discovering all the richness, pain and the fury of the Earth.

- La Machine Terre: a 100% interactive attraction to help understand our planet, the way it was formed, the way it works today, the forces acting upon it and the extraordinary adventure of the life cycle.
- La Planète Dévoilée: a journey to discover the Earth’s beauty and fragility, during which visitors can communicate directly with our activity organisers using the new generation Planète Observeur software.


At Vulcania, exploration means excitement:
With the "Magma Explorer" climb aboard for a perilous mission in the heart of the molten lava; explore the bowels of the earth with the "Dragon Ride"; discover the sheer power of the volcanoes with "The Awakening of Auvergne’s Giants"; face nature at its most turbulent with "The Earth’s Rage"; or set off for an extraordinary journey in the company of Martin and Titania, the heroes of "The Magical Odyssey".


Vulcania also offers a one-of-a-kind natural setting with its geyser and its water fun features, not to mention a unique way to discover the local landscape thanks to the Volcanbul (a driverless, satellite controlled vehicle).


Further information about Vulcania : www.vulcania.com


Auvergne, nouveau monde

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