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Gastronomy and local produce in Auvergne
with Régis Marcon

Auvergne gastronomy is an invitation to discovery the taste! Our tables offer good food and quality. read more

Auvergne gastronomy is an invitation to discovery the taste! Our tables offer good food and quality.

As a winner of several awards for the high quality of his work, with his three star restaurant in Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid (Haute-Loire) Régis Marcon is a showcase for the region's gastronomy.
His experience and his love for the Auvergne's local heritage both ensure that he places a high value on rich and diverse French cuisine.
With a lentil-based dish, a fresh salad with mushrooms and free-range pork, whatever the time of year Régis Marcon works wonders with the Auvergne's traditional flavours which he weaves into imaginative new creations.


The Auvergne's local recipes and products


"Our recipes* are timeless. These delicious dishes have existed for more than a century now! They have been created using simple, easy to prepare products including lentils, cabbage and cooked meats. Each is adapted to take account of the cook’s flair and personality. From the Auvergne's excellent local produce, many well-known dishes have been produced including truffade, pounti and naturally our potée auvergnate (Auvergne hotpot). We also find freshwater fish-based dishes, while mushrooms also traditionally have pride of place. Finally, what better way to round off a meal than one of our apple and chestnut based desserts!
Using these local products, the region's cooks display a great deal of creativity in making the most of our gastronomic heritage".


A non-stop gastronomic voyage of discovery


""Whether you visit a bistro, an inn or a table d’hôtes, the ideal menu is always the product itself, in all its wonderful simplicity.
No trip to the Auvergne would be complete without discovering new tastes and flavours. When you've tasted chocolat au cèpe (chocolate with cep mushroom), you have the impression of really having tried something new… great moments that you’ll never want to forget! And that's the spirit of the Auvergne. With every dish, we seek to astound you, something which is achieved through sheer know-how and passion. This is something which is only possible when you really love the region. This is my day-to-day work, from which I derive a great deal of pride and pleasure". 

Promoting the Auvergne's cuisine


"In order to promote the Auvergne's cooking, a certain amount of contact between restaurant owners is necessary. The "Toques d’Auvergne" association includes restaurants from all over the Auvergne, and is committed to high quality cuisine produced from outstanding regional products. In his or her own way each person has a role to play in promoting the Auvergne's culinary excellence. In this respect, our restaurants are much like our landscapes: the materials, wood and volcanic stone all contribute to creating an attractive whole". 

*Voici quelques recettes imaginées par Régis Marcon, à base de produits régionaux :


  • Brochettes Margaridou, au ris de veau et aux morilles
  • Cassoulet de homard aux lentilles vertes du Puy-en-Velay
  • Cèpes en feuille de châtaigner avec un sabayon au goût grillé
  • Gâteau de Quinoa aux champignons
  • Gelée de Verveine aux lentilles vertes
  • Brochette de bananes au caramel de morilles
Régis Marcon
Star chef
Tourisme en Auvergne
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