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Motorcycling in the Auvergne
with Alexis Aubertin

With its winding roads, excellent quality road surfacing, magnificent landscapes and a warm welcome, the Auvergne in France is a paradise for bikers! read more

With its winding roads, excellent quality road surfacing, magnificent landscapes and a warm welcome, the Auvergne in France is a paradise for bikers!

After spending eight years working for the motorcycle press in Paris, Alexis Aubertin has returned to his home region to prepare a list of the very best road trails and publish them in a practical guide for motorcyclists, a praiseworthy initiative and a real "first" in France. The combination of flowing, undulating roads, breathtaking landscapes and a great welcome from the locals has ensured that this region holds the "number one spot for motorcycling in France!" Alexis introduces us to his Auvergne, by motorcycle.


A biker-friendly region


"We've moved beyond the rockers. Today, many bikers are looking for new discoveries, for tourism and for cultural enrichment. A motorcycle is the perfect way to really appreciate outstanding locations and landscapes, by really experiencing a 360° view of the local surroundings under their helmets.
Unlike other means of transport, a bike journey is an experience in its own right. Bikers are often happy to spend a whole week on the road just for the fun of it.
For this reason, the region makes a special effort to welcome bikers. Special accommodation packages exist taking account of the numerous constraints specific to motorcycling including facilities, motorcycle parking, and specially heated facilities to dry out damp clothing, etc. A guide has even been published which presents 20 different routes covering almost 3,000 km (1,864 miles)*.

Bikers are highly appreciated here and feel at home in the Auvergne. The goodwill expressed by the inhabitants toward motorcyclists is immediately palpable. With such a high degree of hospitality and with action by the public authorities to encourage bikers and facilitate their stay, the Auvergne is today, more than at any time before, a paradise for motorcyclists".
"The Auvergne has largely escaped the ravages of mass tourism and this is exactly what most bikers are looking for. The advantage of travelling by motorcycle is also to be able to stop off at any time or to be better able to admire an unusual landscape while travelling. You can really appreciate the sheer immensity of the landscapes, sat on your motorcycle, at one with the environment, experiencing every smell, sensation and temperature change.
The Auvergne today remains an untouched region devoted to the fun of biking, and widely appreciated for its unusual surroundings".


*Alexis Aubertin had noted the absence of press coverage for motorcycling in the Auvergne. With this in mind he has created a tourist guide including road books detailing the many eateries and attractions to be enjoyed along the way.

Alexis Aubertin
Journalist, author of "l'Auvergne à Moto"
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